Production is starting in the forest with high quality raw material being controlled and chosen by Exportdrvo experts and partners. Logs are processed in more than 30 sawmills managed and partnered by Exportdrvo with annual cutting of abt. 250.000 cbm. Our wood is naturally seasoned letting the nature do its work and making it more stable. After seasoning sawn timber is kiln dried in modern kiln drying chambers with total capacity of abt 5000 cbm. Our products are stored in covered store yards with capacity abt. 30.000 cbm, that meet the highest European standards and delivered to the world market in the form of fresh, air dried or kiln dried sawn timber and wooden elements.



Exportdrvo is the benchmark in the region for distribution and export in wood industry. Our success is the result of a constant search for the best, from human resources, to procurement and delivery logistics, but maintaining the sound economic sense.